Hello 👋,
I'm Jakub Florek

Independent iOS developer,
WWDC21 Scholar


About Me

Hi! I’m a high school student from Tarnów currently working on bus timetable app tarbus. I love developing great, modern, inclusive and intuitive ideas. I was always into Apple ecosystem and possibilities those platforms give to users and (especially) developers😀. My favourite language is Swift I like it’s modern syntax, intuitiveness, speed and community around it. SwiftUI is deep in my heart. I also like to listen great music, shoot photos and ski. I like to play the guitar in my spare and supposedly (according to my friends) I'm good at it😇.


Current projects



Bus timetable app. The result of cooperation with the Michalus transport company, the schedule of which is available in the application. It is a very important project for me, since I learned a lot about mobile development, creating app from scratch, shipping it while maintaining in close contact with client and using App Store Connect. Personally my favourite feature are customizable widgets displaying next departures from selected bus stop😇.


Welcome Sheet

My little hobby, open source project. Welcome sheet for swiftUI enables incredibly easy way for creating onboarding screens, update notes, or whatever developer imagines! The main idea standing behind this project was to follow the design of Apple’s native onboarding screens as much as possible.




Wonderful icons

Quick and simple guide to designing „wonderful icons”. It's hard to create something unique, meaningful, universal and beautiful at the same time. That’s why I made the playground to help people understand how to design icons with less effort and more fun! Accepted by Apple... frankly, I still can't believe it😅.


Past projects


Star Buffs

Hard as hell, rouge-like, top-down shooter. Created in Unity for Ludum Dare 46 game jam. Player shoots down hostile ships and collects points. He uses "buffs" filling up his health bar, but also improving enemies. After collecting certain amount of points he is ready to take over an enemy and maintain its buffs.


What A Brick

Fun app for recognizing and keeping in collection LEGO bricks using CoreML. User can look up brick's details as well as display in AR thanks to ARKit goodies. Collection is displayed in a wonderful list with gorgeous spinning 3D previews.