Hello 👋,
I'm Jakub Florek

Independent iOS developer,
WWDC21 Scholar


About Me

Hi! I’m a high school student from Tarnów currently working on bus timetable app tarbus. I love developing great, modern, inclusive and intuitive ideas. I was always into Apple ecosystem and possibilities those platforms give to users and (especially) developers😀. My favourite language is Swift I like it’s modern syntax, intuitiveness, speed and community around it. SwiftUI is deep in my heart. I also like to listen great music, shoot photos and ski. I like to play the guitar in my spare and supposedly (according to my friends) I'm good at it😇.


Who am I?

I was born on May 23, 2004. I have been interested in programming from childhood. I started my journey by attending game jams, creating games using the Unity engine. However, my greatest passion is creating mobile applications for iOS.


  • Swift - My favourite language.
  • SwiftUI - The future of Apple platforms. My secret love🙂.
  • UIKit - Sadly still more powerful and versatile than SwiftUI...
  • iOS SDK - MapKit, CoreML, Combine and a lot more!
  • HTML - Because you're reading this page🤪.
  • CSS - So that when reading the page you can distinguish footer from header.
  • JavaScript - For fireworks.
  • Unity - Relatively easy and fun engine for creating games.
  • C# - Because games require some logic after all...

Where I worked




Startup I co-founded with friends. We develop timetable apps, generate paper ones and much more!




The biggest furniture accessory seller in the region. Blum authorized reseller. I partnered with them to create custom Email footers system.